About us

FRONTIZO (CARE) is an animal welfare, cultural group which was created on February 2012 following the official decision by the court, 9216/2012.

It is a non-profit group dependent on assistance and contributions from its members as well as donations from third parties. It receives no funding from the state or the private sector.

We have created a small but effective network of volunteers and focused on our target which is the care, protection and championing of strays and other animals through the following means:

  • Informing and raising awareness of all citizens through various functions, information leaflets, workshops etc..
  • Providing appropriate educational programs and familiarizing children with this issue so that they may learn to approach and care for animals correctly.
  • Presenting educational programs, with the state’s permission, in Primary schools in the prefecture of Thessaloniki and other nearby prefectures, as we are of the belief that teaching of such issues begins at the school level.
  • Providing intervention and assistance in cases where this is necessary despite not having a shelter. We respond to as many cases as we can and follow up by sending them for adoption following every legal and responsible means. Every animal adopted through FRONTIZO is given a digital identification number which is immediately recorded in the details of the new owner. The adopted animal is healthy, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. In the case of puppies, the new owners are obligated to spay/neuter the animal when it reaches the appropriate age for this.
  • Intervening in cases of animal abuse with the guidance, support and aid of legal advisers.
  • The systematic spaying/neutering of stray animals with the aim of reducing the current stray population making it more controllable and healthy. The surgical procedures are conducted either through the programs of the Municipality for free or in special cases, with the help of volunteers through our group.
  • The correct and continuous functioning of the Municipality’s health care program for stray animals, with our active involvement and submission of legal recommendations for its improvement.
  • The provision of food and medicine, when it is financially feasible, to any animals in need.

Our dynamic team operates mainly in the suburb of Pefka in the Municipality of Neapoli-Sykeon and our group is exclusively made up of VOLUNTEERS.

We ask you to get to know us and support us by following our work on our website www.frontizofs.gr as well as on our Face book page www.facebook.com/frontizo.filozwiko.swmateio

We make every effort to protect and champion the rights of animals in every legal and activist way. Thus, from 2013 our group FRONTIZO has been a member of the Pan-Hellenic Animal welfare and Environmental Federation www.pfpo.gr

Our needs:

  • We need new volunteers who, with our guidance, will become effective members, respectful of everyone’s volunteer time contribution.
  • We need new members who can help us with our work. The annual member ship fee is 20 Euro.
  • We accept donations as we are solely dependent on these and offer the possibility of sponsorship of our group via our website.
  • We often need foster families who can provide temporary homes for animals until a permanent home is found.
  • We need food, medicines, de-worming tablets, vaccines, ampoules for protecting the animals from ticks and other parasites. We also need collars, leashes, transport boxes, blankets, feeding bowls etc..

Animal welfare and cultural group FRONTIZO Pefka Neapolis-Sykeon
Telephone:6986063851, 6983739736, 6986097309
E-mail: info@frontizofs.gr, frontizofs@gmail.com





Bank account:
ALPHA BANK account: 713-002002-001655
IBAN: GR61 0140 7130 7130 0200 2001 655
SWIFT CODE (BIC): CRBAGRAA, Pefka branch (713)
Animal Welfare Association “Frontizo”
PayPal: info@frontizofs.gr

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